Project Support, Construction and Supply

Who We Are

“CORVUS Group” is industrial support & supply company to be of service in your endeavours, projects and works. Our company has a long-standing success rate in the Azerbaijani market with a wide range of industries in our portfolio since 2017.

Our main stream of work is focused on construction and equipment installation with all their surrounding services like provision of professional workforce, machinery and construction/industrial material procurement. Below, we would like to provide you with information on our services and some of our latest projects in that sphere.

Company Policy

CORVUS GROUP keeps safety and security above all and strictly follows the rules and processes set forward by the Client. Our services are performed by highly trained professional staff and safe, constantly renewed equipment. To realize these services, we would like to ask for cooperation opportunities as contractors, sub-contractors, etc. and an opportunity to provide our quotes for your projects. We are open for meetings to provide more information on our company
Our Services

What We Do


Equipment installation

Procurement, Warehousing & Workforce


  • Non-residential and industrial construction and installation
  • Repair and renovation works in various areas
  • Complex electrical, plumbing and other communication works

Equipment installation

  • All kinds of mechanical, electric and installation works
  • Electrical engineering and instrumentation equipment installation and start-up
  • Installation of lifting and industrial equipment and start-up

Procurement, Warehousing & Workforce

·       Lease of handling and lifting equipment for construction and industrial purposes

·       Procurement of construction, industrial and specialized products and equipment

·       Installation, maintenance and start-up of the procured equipment

·       Provision of professional technical and labor workforce for projects and special works

Warehousing services in open and enclosed areas

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